NSCAI to Host July Summit

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) will be hosting a Global Emerging Technology Summit in Washington, DC on July 13, 2021. 

The NSCAI submitted its report to Congress and the Administration on March 1. The focus of the Summit is to convene leaders and officials from the United States, like-minded and democratic nations, international organizations, and the private sector to discuss strengthening international partnerships to advance the responsible development and application of AI and other emerging technologies, protect free and open societies, and unleash economic innovation.

 “The global competition over AI and emerging technologies will lead to innovations that unleash an era of prosperity unprecedented in human history. However, it will also create security challenges that may affect the very fabric of society.  In order to get this right and “win” the competition, partnerships and democratic values have to be our guiding principles. The goal of this Summit is to convene public and private leaders to explore ways to advance prosperity, security, and innovation through stronger international partnerships,” said NSCAI Chair Eric Schmidt.

The conference agenda, speakers and additional conference details will be posted at www.nscai.gov. Please contact Tara Rigler at TMR@NSCAI.gov with questions regarding the NSCAI or the summit.