Global Emerging
Technology Summit

Advancing Prosperity,
Security, and Innovation

July 13, 2021 8:30AM – 5:30PM EDT

Summit Speakers

The purpose of the Global Emerging Technology Summit is to convene democratic nations, international organizations, and the private sector to define parameters for collaboration around global emerging technology issues.

The Summit will examine the role of existing international and multilateral organizations and initiatives to

  • Address common challenges around emerging technologies
  • Assess the structure and objectives of a new, global initiative to convene like-minded nations, and
  • Explore ways to foster global technology platforms aligned with democratic values.
Panel 1
The Quad and Emerging Technologies: The Imperative for International Cooperation
Panel 2
How the Current Landscape of International Cooperation is Adapting to the New Strategic Environment
Panel 3
The Future of International Technology Cooperation: A Conversation with Former Leaders
Panel 4
The Next Generation of Global Technology Platforms
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